Anyone else with two accounts and one mobile phone number problem


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  • mnabeelp

    I'm facing a similar issue. I don't know how get that fixed either.


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  • dO.

    i lost my backup codes and when i login get me invalid phone number pls quick speak me

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  • Sapphireryuu [Shimizu]

    I just tried logging in my alt account and it still gives me invalid phone number. I've honestly given up on recovering it. It's been a month and discord support couldn't help.


    I think the 2fa should be updated and something done more for people that want alt accounts.

    Like maybe the 2fa codes could be sent to their email to be saved or maybe not allowing 2fa to be turned if it detects an account with said mobile number.

    It's ridiculous what discord has done. This could of been all avoided. 

    I feel like they care if they posted an update in regards to this awful situation.

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