Increase Role Limit


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  • Shadow_Hunter

    Well. If im correct who need 250 roles
    That 1
    2 u know that their server database could be too small to handle several discord servers with more than 250 roles

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  • SaltiestMeatBall

    I need more than 250, hence why I made this post. Presumptious of you to assume no one does. I'm not the first to suggest this. My server is a newer roleplay server of over 100 people now that relies on roles and role sections to keep track of who is what in an organized and trustworthy fashion. As for #2, we don't know that. We don't work for them. We can only speculate. This suggestion is to get answers from discord themselves if it is indeed possible or not. If they want funding, I am willing to help with that.

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  • Rome Vanhart

    I actually use roles for the same reason and had to delete a lot of auxiliary roles just to make room for more. I like being able to use that to keep track of things, but at the same time the limit is really putting a hamper on it. Really wish they'd make it the same as the limit for channels, which is 500, or higher.

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