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  • Shadow_Hunter

    U can set rules in place so that if someone pings a role that they r not allowed then they get warned, muted, kicked or even banned for breaking that rule
    So no features needed

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  • mikim1971

    Well, people will still get pinged. Mass pinger can create alts and continue to ping everyone.

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  • Shadow_Hunter

    If you set the server security correctly
    U know that those mass pingers will need the following
    Verified email & phone number (both 1 per discord acc if i remember correctly)
    Account life span has to be longer than 5 mins
    Acc logged into 1 of the mobile versions
    AND be sitting in the server with NO permissions of chatting for 10 mins
    And knowing luck
    They would not bother about 10+ minutes per account
    IF you keep banning them
    Plus discord have a bad habit of banning user accs AND I.P.s

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